Sen. Graham Responds To Iran’s Surprise Visit To G7 Summit: ‘Mr. President, Continue To Stand Firm’

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On Sunday, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif made a surprise appearance in France during the G7 Summit, sparking confusion of French leader Emmanual Macron’s intentions since the U.S. and Iran have experienced heightened tensions in recent weeks.

As news broke of Zarif’s arrival, a French diplomat said that Macron gave leaders at the summit a heads up, including President Trump. However, when asked what his reaction was to Zarif being in France at the same time, Trump responded, “No comment,” and did not engage in talks with Zarif, according to The Guardian.

Zarif, instead, took part in negotiations with members of French leadership before ultimately taking off later on Sunday.

Senator Lindsey Graham issued a bold response when finding out about Zarif’s surprise appearance in France during the G7 Summit.

Sen. Graham said, “Hearing that the Europeans are negotiating with the Iranians again is of little comfort to me.”

“Mr. President, continue to stand firm against Iran’s aggression,” he demanded. See Below

“The only good deal is to make sure Iran can never make their own nuclear fuel,” Graham continued. “They can have nuclear power, but they can’t make the fuel, because that’s how they get a bomb.”

He went on to say, “If the French did in fact invite Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to the G7 without consulting the US, it would be a signal of great weakness to Iran and terribly disrespectful to President Trump,”

“Hope President Trump maintains steady resolve against Iranian aggression,” Sen. Graham concluded. See Below

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley also voiced her frustration with the French inviting Iran under the circumstances.

In ending, we leave you with her response.