O’Reilly Exhibits How Fallout From Epstein’s Death Could Be Good For The Country: ‘Our Prison System Is A Disgrace’

O'Reilly, EpsteinO'Reilly YouTube Screen Shot, NY Post

On Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly broke his silence on Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide and explained why fallout stemming from his death could be “good for the country” in the long run.

He believes America’s prison system is a mess on all levels, and Epstein’s death is giving the system the publicity and embarrassment needed to help turn it all around.

“This could be a good thing for the country — not because this guy is dead,” O’Reilly said, “but because our prison system is a disgrace — local, state and federal — a disgrace.”

“Gangs run a lot of these prisons — violence everywhere, narcotics everywhere, alcohol everywhere, intimidation everywhere, sexual assault inside prisons everywhere — a disgrace,” he added.

O’Reilly mentioned how it was a federal prison where Epstein allegedly hanged himself.

“He was the most notorious prisoner there and he’d had another incident there before, where he tried to commit suicide. And they don’t monitor him?” he asked. Video Below

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O’Reilly then pointed out that we are in the day and age where there is equipment and “gismos” to monitor anyone 24/7. The excuse of the union saying they are under-staffed is ludicrous, according to O’Reilly, as he said, “This is Epstein, OK? Are you an idiot?”

“This is beyond embarrassing,” O’Reilly concluded. Video Below