Julian Castro Says He’s ‘Very Proud’ Of His Brother’s Target List, McDaniel Fires Back: ‘[He] Has No Business Being President’

[Image Source: CBS & MSNBC Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation]

Last Monday, Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) tweeted the names and employers of 44 San Antonio residents who donated the federal maximum to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

Castro, whose district includes much of San Antonio, claimed the donors “are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’” Castro is the twin brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro and chairs his presidential campaign, as reported by Daily Caller.

“Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump — the owner of ⁦@BillMillerBarBQ⁩, owner of the ⁦@HistoricPearl, realtor Phyllis Browning, etc⁩. Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders’, Joaquin Castro tweeted and proceeded to name local businesses whose owners gave the maximum to Trump’s campaign.

Castro’s tweet still remains on Twitter:

After doxxing Trump supporters information, a threatening, hateful voicemail was left for one Trump donor in Texas. The man who left the voicemail threatened to post the Trump donor’s number all over the internet. “I will make sure to post this number all over the internet. Um… f**k you very much. F**k you for your racist bullsh*t. And f**k you for being scared of your fellow human beings. I think you’re a scumbag,” the man said on the voicemail.

Another Trump donor Joaquin Castro targeted on Twitter received 25 phone calls before noon. “We were gonna use you for business, but we found out you’re a racist. We hope that you burn in hell and your business will go with you,” they said. (Continued Below)

Joaquin Castro shamelessly defended his “target list” of Trump supporters that he tweeted and said, “What I would like for them to do is think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country.”

What’s more, his brother Julian Castro, who is a Democratic presidential candidate, interviewed on MSNBC this week and said he’s “very proud” of his brother’s target list of Trump supporters.

Asked if he still thought it was the right the thing to do, Julian Castro responded, “Oh, absolutely. I’m very proud of my brother.” (Video Below)

Julian Castro is “very proud” that his brother doxxed Trump donors:

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel fired back on Twitter: “Castro has no business being president and – if you look at the polls – nearly every American agrees.”

Ronna McDaniel is correct. According to The New York Times, Castro is polling at 1%.

New York Times Screenshot.

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