Charlie Daniels Drops A Warning On The Investigation Into Epstein’s Death: ‘Not Another Comey Coverup’

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On Monday, Attorney General William Barr appeared to be highly determined to get to the bottom of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide and the details surrounding it.

While speaking at the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police’s 64th National Biennial Conference in New Orleans, Barr blasted corrections officials and vowed to investigate the “serious irregularities” uncovered at the federal prison where Epstein was being held and reportedly hanged himself.

Barr vowed a comprehensive probe by the FBI and the Justice Department inspector general surrounding the new and disturbing revelations Monday from lawyers and others who say the New York lockup’s failings have been ignored for years.

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As intense investigations appear to be underway, Charlie Daniels dropped a warning on how this could all end up if precautions aren’t taken to ensure the most “trustworthy” individuals are the ones doing the investigating.

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Daniels wrote, “There’s way too much smoke in the Epstein death for there not to be some fire somewhere.”

“The names involved are powerful and the implications of the information Epstein could have divulged earth shaking,” he said.

“This needs trustworthy people investigating it. Not another Comey cover up,” Daniels concluded. See Below

Official Tweet By Charlie Daniels

In ending, here is video of Attorney General Barr speaking about Epstein’s suicide.