Lance Armstrong Brags He ‘Blew The Doors’ Off Pence On A Bike Path, Gorka Fires Back: Perfect Example Of Why Trump Is President

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Former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong posted a tweet out of the blue on Saturday afternoon boasting about how he “blew the doors off” 60-year-old Vice President Mike Pence on a Nantucket bike path.

Pence was reportedly in Nantucket for a joint fundraiser between the Republican National Committee and the Campaign to Reelect Donald Trump that took place Saturday evening.

Though it’s unclear if Pence actually was on a bike trail, Armstrong claimed he overtook the Vice President in a f-bomb laced tweet.

Armstrong, who had 7 medals stripped as part of a doping scandal, said, “”I can’t drop many people on a bike these days but I just blew the f–kin’ doors off Mike Pence on a Nantucket bike path. Day. Made.”

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Sebastian Gorka fired back at Lance upon seeing the tweet. See Below

Gorka said, “Lance Armstrong, one of the most dishonest men in the World, attacks @VP Mike Pence, one of the most honest and decent men in America.”

“A perfect example of why [Trump] is POTUS,” he concluded.

Armstrong also got humiliated by the rest of Twitterverse as a result of his tweet. See Below

Gorka Responds To Lance Armstrong

We leave you with some more highly engaged responses to Armstrong: