Geraldo Discloses What He Suspects Happened Behind The Scenes Of Epstein’s Death: ‘A Lot Of Powerful People Breathing A Sigh Of Relief’

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As Jeffrey Epstein was found dead on Saturday morning, Geraldo Rivera is not convinced that it was a suicide and thinks there’s a high probability he was killed.

However, even if it was suicide, Geraldo thinks the prison administrators are guilty of “grotesque malpractice.”

In a string of tweets, Geraldo said, “Jeffrey Epstein’s a wretched piece of human excrement. Still, bail exists because pending trial, all criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty. Unless he’s flight risk or threat to victims or committing new crimes he has right to bail-It’s not supposed to be punishment.”

“His death wasn’t suicide,” he suggested. “The prison system conspired to kill him. First they withhold bail. Then they put him in small cell with a psycho who tortured and almost kills him. Then he supposedly hangs himself. Exactly the result everybody in the system from judge to jailer expected.”

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Geraldo went on to say, “There are a lot of powerful people breathing a sigh of relief that Epstein is dead; too many to allow this death to go univestigated by an independent authority.” See Below

Then in a later tweet, he asked, “Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?”

“If it really was a suicide-a possibility I put at 40%-then the federal prison administrators are guilty of grotesque malpractice,” Geraldo declared. “Otherwise some piece of shit rich guy had him killed to prevent him ratting out their perversions.”

Hours later he reiterated, “Lots of high-powered high-profile people breathing easier because #JeffreyEpstein is sleeping with the fishes. It’s way too funky to be dismissed. Just saying.” See Below

Geraldo Breaks Down Epstein’s Death