Diamond & Silk RIP Hollywood Over ‘The Hunt’ Movie: ‘They Glorify Violence, They’re Nothing But Hypocrites’

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Trump supporters Diamond & Silk are livid as Hollywood is set to release a controversial film called The Hunt that focuses around Americans killing other Americans because of their political views.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Hunt is a “Hunger Games-style satire where wealthy ‘elites’ hunt rural ‘deplorables’ for sport and wager.”

The release of the film comes in wake of two mass shootings that has led to forces of the left, including Hollywood celebrities, pushing the concept of gun control and  blaming President Trump’s rhetoric for why the shootings occurred.

Diamond & Silk joined Lou Dobbs where they voiced their disgust with Hollywood for planning to release The Hunt, given the nature of the current political climate and the contradictive stance Hollywood elitists have taken in recent days.

Diamond said, “They’re very sick. They glorify violence, yet they advocate for gun control.”

“And then they create and make this movie, where you have Americans gunning down other Americans based on the color of their politics. So they are racist,” she declared. Video Below

Diamond said it’s “time to do something about Hollywood.” She claims the violence and mass murders that are happening in America are “because of Hollywood.”

She said, “They glorify violence. They’re nothing but hypocrites is what they are.”

Silk chimed in and said, “I think it’s time for us to boycott Hollywood.” Video Below


In ending, here is President Trump’s reaction to The Hunt: