Terrence Williams Slams The Left For Playing Politics Over The Weekend Shootings: ‘Stop Making This About Politics!’

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Terrence Williams gave his two cents and then some in wake of the two mass shootings that occurred over the weekend.

Like millions of other Americans, Terrence was devastated upon hearing the news of both the El Paso and Dayton shootings that left 29 people dead and dozens of others injured.

But what bothered him even more were the politics that were being played right after the two tragedies took place.

Terrence didn’t want to comment on either tragedy, however he felt he had to because he refuses “to sit back and let people point the finger at others.”

“Stop making this about politics!” Willams emphasized. “Come on ya’ll! Ya’ll know better than that! Stop pointing at other people! That’s downright wrong to blame this on other people! You don’t blame anybody but the person who pulled the trigger! Okay?! Stop blaming this on President Trump — he didn’t pull that trigger!”

He then slammed those who are blaming the shootings on every conservative and Republican. “Nobody pulled their trigger but them two monsters, okay?!” Terrence declared. Video Below

Terrence then targeted leftists who are calling on President Trump to now take away every gun. “That’s not gonna happen! It’s a violation of the Second Amendment.”

“Gun control is not gonna stop people from committing monstrous acts, at all,” he continued as he used Chicago as an example.

“Over 1500 people were shot in Chicago this year. You heard me — 1500. Over 300 were murdered — shot and killed. Now where was all the gun control talk then? Their lives mattered too! Just like the people in El Paso and Dayton — it’s no different,” Terrence concluded. Video Below


We leave you with some examples of those who are playing poltics with the mass shootings and blaming Republicans and President Trump for them.