Charlie Daniels SLAMS Dems Failed Leadership In Wake Of Tension Over Cummings: ‘Public Servants, Ha’

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Tensions hit high levels on Sunday over President Trump’s remarks directed at Congressman Elijah Cummings.

Democrats condemned President Trump after he attacked Cummings over his treatment of border control agents and suggested that the congressman focus on improving poor conditions of Baltimore, which is one of the cities within his district.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats labeled Trump’s remarks as “racist,” twisting his words to make it seem like he was racially slandering Cummings and the people who lived Baltimore when he used words like “rats” and “infested” to describe the living conditions in the city.

Trump, who has constantly been called a “racist” by the left since his 2016 Presidential bid, didn’t back down on Sunday, while he re-targeted Cummings and blasted Pelosi’s “failing” leadership in a new string of tweet attacks.

Within his Sunday tweets Trump called on Democrats to “stop the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our our Country!”

Conservative singer and songwriter, Charlie Daniels struck the same note as President Trump when weighing in on the matter. See Below

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Daniels said, “How many cities have high murder and violent crime rates, filthy homeless camps on the streets, trash, garbage and discarded junk on the sidewalks,deplorable educational systems while their elected officials spend their time in endless pursuit of impeachment.”

“‘Public servants’ Ha”, Daniels concluded. See Below

We leave you with Daniels’ recent tweet directed at Adam Schiff.