Charlie Daniels On America’s Political System: ‘Yes People, The Game Is Rigged’

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Singer and songwriter, Charlie Daniels, often shares his wisdom with fans on social media, where he’s been highly influential for those on the right seeking guidance and direction through the highly divided political climate.

On Saturday, Daniels targeted the status of America’s current system of politics that he believes is nothing but a “rigged” game that the “deep state” still has a handle on.

His comments come as social media giants have allegedly ramped up their suppression of the conservative voice as the race for 2020 heats up, and as the liberal media doesn’t appear to be stopping their ongoing smear campaign against President Trump and Republicans, while promoting the Democrat agenda.

If that isn’t enough, Congressional Democrats have heightened efforts on their path to potential impeachment, as they’ve issued a dozen more subpoenas in their ongoing string of investigations into President Trump despite Robert Mueller finding no evidence of conspiracy between Russia and the Trump csmpaign.

Daniels said, “Yes people, the game is rigged, I’m talking politics, social media, print and broadcast media, bureaucracies, and yes there is a “deep state” or whatever you want to call it.”

He added, “They are powerful forces, but ‘we the people’ and our God are much more powerful. Vote and pray.” Video Below

Official Tweet From Charlie Daniels

In ending, here is video of Tucker Carlson discussing the crackdown on free speech.