As The 2020 Race Heats Up, Alyssa Milano Thinks Jeb Bush Should Run For President

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For whatever reason on Sunday night, Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano was feeling the love for former Florida Governor and failed Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Milano, who often shows her disdain towards President Trump and his policies, thinks that Jeb should consider throwing his name in the race for President and give it another go.

Before endorsing another Jeb run, Milano tried persuading the public on how they should vote in the next election.

She stated, “Imagine being a proud supporter of a political party which is anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, anti-gunsafety, anti-healthcare, and anti-fair-elections? “

“You have a distinct choice. Choose hope. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose unity. Choose equality. Vote accordingly,” Milano added.

Then, just hours later, Milano came out of nowhere and gave her recommendation that Jeb should run for President. She said, “If were Jeb Bush, I’d seriously be considering a run.” See Below

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Hmmm…Why Jeb Bush? 

Could it be Jeb’s random, cryptic remarks and statements against Trump that attracts Alyssa Milano?

You know, like the one from Independence Day, when Jeb tweeted, “Three President Die On July 4th: Just A Coincidence?” You can read more about that by CLICKING HERE.

In ending, we leave you with some replies to Milano’s idea of Jeb Bush running.