Maxine Blames Trump For The Homeless Crisis, Navarro Stops Her In Her Tracks: ‘You Can’t Even Get Rid Of The Homeless Problem’

Maxine Waters, Omar NavarroVideo Screen Shots

Maxine Waters is suddenly on a crusade to solve America’s homeless problem, after representing a district for several years in a city that’s ranked #2 overall in homelessness among all U.S. cities.

And who is she shouldering the blame on for America’s homeless crisis? None other than President Trump — the man she’s been working so diligently to impeach since he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Maxine is pushing for a new bill to be passed titled “The Ending Homelessness Act Of 2019” that is estimated to cost $13.7 billion over five years. All funds will go towards federal housing programs and initiatives to “effectively address the homelessness crisis in America.”

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Waters tweeted an outline of the bill, and captioned it: “Homeless families sleeping on the streets; children sleeping in cars, trying to go to school ea. day; and seniors, 70 & 80 yrs old eating out of trash cans.”

“Yes Trump, this is a disgrace. It’s shameful for the most prosperous country in the world to tolerate this! Support HR 1856,” she concluded. Videos Below

Maxine’s nemesis from the 43rd district of California, Omar Navarro, stopped Waters in her tracks with a round of truth bombs after seeing her tweet. Navarro replied, “You are disgrace the people in my community are suffering. The past 6 years in Los Angeles we have had more then 60,000 more homeless after so much has been allocated to help the homeless. Don’t blame my president for your stupidity.”

In a later tweet, Navarro said, “Don’t talk about the state of the Trump economy while billions of dollars leave the 43 district. You can’t even get rid of the homeless problem in the last six years.”

“Members of your own family have been under indictment and you were voted the most corrupt member of Congress,” he declared. Videos Below

Omar Navarro’s Official Reply To Maxine Waters

In ending, here are two videos showing just how bad areas of Los Angeles have become.