Antifa Member Gets Denied Trying To Burn The American Flag, Bongino & Ingraham React: ‘Pencil Arms!’

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On Saturday, the political activist group, Proud Boys, was met nearby with Antifa counter-protesters during their Demand Free Speech rally held at Freedom Plaza and Pershing Park in Washington, DC.

Police prevented the two groups from coming face-to-face, however that didn’t prevent Antifa from carrying out their usual demonstrations, including burning American flags.

A video went viral showing one member of Antifa struggling while trying to light a flag up in flames with a match. He soon gave up and rolled up the flag as onlookers could be seen smirking at him.

Dan Bongino and Laura Ingraham couldn’t resist weighing in after seeing the viral video.

Bongino began his string of reactions by saying, “ANTIFA has the unique distinction of having both the biggest chumps and cowards in their group, but also the dumbest zeroes on this planet, and any other planet harboring sentient beings.”

In another tweet, he said, “ANTIFA is populated with basement-dwelling, unemployed scrubs with the collective IQ of a number 2 pencil.” Video Below

Bongino’s final caption to the video read, “ANTIFA providing conclusive proof that there is no floor to human IQs.”

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Laura Ingraham humiliated the disgraced Antifa member when she captioned the video, “Another goofball in a face mask—needs a drill sergeant to yell, ‘Drop and give me 50 on your knuckles, Pencil Arms!'” Video Below

Bongino’s Initial Reaction To Antifa’s Failed Flag Burn

Laura Ingraham’s Reaction To Antifa’s Failed Flag Burn

In ending, here is Bongino’s reaction to Antifa getting denied by police officers.