Journalist Andy Ngo Prepares To Fight Back After Being Attacked, Hires ‘1A Warrior’ Harmeet Dhillon

[Image Source: Fox News Video Screenshots. The Freedom Times Compilation]

Harmeet K. Dhillon, trial lawyer, 1A warrior, and RNC Committeewoman in California joined “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning where she discussed potential legal actions that she is taking against all responsible parties arising from the vicious assaults against journalist Andy Ngo.

This comes after Antifa turned violent and started throwing milkshakes of quick-drying cement along with using pepper spray and other weapons. Ngo was punched and kicked by men wearing black hooded sweatshirts and face masks.

On Monday, Andy Ngo spoke with Tucker Carlson on Fox News where he described the brutal attack at a Saturday Portland Antifa rally that left him severely injured and hospitalized.

Andy pointed out the fact that he was “literally a stone’s throw away” from police and other governmental buildings when the attack took place. He said that he was “bashed on the back” of his head while the demonstrators chanted “No hate, no fear.” When he realized it was happening, “it was too late.”

“They started dumping what I believe were milkshakes and eggs, throwing it at my face which blinded me so that I could not see,” said Ngo. “And I was kicked some more, punched some more. And all this time I kept thinking, where are the police? I could still see the county justice center in front of me, but no police ever arrived.”

“I eventually stumbled away, bleeding, across the park, and I lost my balance, so I sat down on the ground in front of the courthouse and from there, a medic S.W.A.T. Team informed me that in order to get in an ambulance to be taken to a hospital, I would have to walk to the police precinct, in other words, walk back in the direction of the demonstrators who just attacked me. Later that night, after arriving in the emergency room, I had a CT scan which confirmed that I was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, he added. (Continued Below)

Harmeet K. Dhillon, Andy Ngo’s lawyer, pushed back at the city government of Portland, including Mayor Ted Wheeler, warning that she intends to hold them liable to the fullest extent of the law.

“It an uphill battle, but we are putting together a legal fund to sue everybody responsible for these attacks. I’m going to sue everybody who the facts and the law support being sued. And I mean everybody,” she announced.

She also noted that the police told Andy to cross into the mob to get to the ambulance to get to safety. “They did not provide the type of medic support that was required, they put him in further danger,” Dhillon stated. (Video Below)


Andy Ngo described the brutal attack at the Saturday Portland Antifa rally with Tucker Carlson:

(Continued Below)

Harmeet Dhillon also wrote on Twitter Tuesday, “If Portland’s leadership unequally enforces the laws, puts citizens in harm’s way, and enable vicious assaults, they should answer in court. And the criminal gang Antifa that terrorizes regular Americans and journalists may also see its members sued, its leaders/assets at risk. No assets, you say? No matter. If they live in their parents’ basements and are part of a vicious gang, let’s hope their liability insurance is up to date. While local, state, federal law enforcement dally, private free speech lawyers intend to pursue justice in the courts.”

She continued, “Litigation is expensive. Someone is funding the Antifa criminals. Those truck rentals, flyers, fiberglass knuckles, chemicals, communications, bail money don’t come for free. Liberty lovers, please step up & contribute to make sure what happened to @MrAndyNgo won’t happen again. Oh and any seemingly solvent blue-check Twitterati out there who made false statements about whether @MrAndyNgo is really injured and whether he provoked the attack, check your coverage with your insurance broker, because you may get sued also.”

“There’s still time to retract/ And apologize for the hurtful and professionally harmful lies. Let’s call it a Twitter hot take safe harbor. A brain hemorrhage and multiple punches to the head and kicks to the leg are no joke, and lying about it will not end up enhancing your finances either, Dhillon added. (Continued Below)

Harmeet Dhillon’s official tweets:

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