Gillum Calls DeSantis’ Voting Bill Racist & Vows To Fight It, Gaetz Fires Back: ‘You Can Just Call Him Governor’

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On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law in relation to Florida’s Amendment 4 before heading off for the weekend, and former candidate Andrew Gillum is fuming as a result.

Amendment 4 was passed by Florida voters in the 2018 election and allows felons not convicted of murder and sexual assault to automatically be eligible to vote if they completed “all terms of their sentence including parole or probation.”

To settle the dispute on what “all terms of their sentence” entails, Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature passed a bill related to Amendent 4 that “requires all felons to pay back their financial obligations before being eligible to vote.”

Financial obligations that would be required to be paid before being eligible to vote would include court fees, fines and restitution to victims.

As a result, proponents of the original version of Amendment 4 are calling DeSantis’ move “racist” since they feel the new law will make it nearly impossible for many blacks to vote any time soon. Their argument is that 1 out of 5 Floridian blacks are convicted felons and don’t have a means of paying financial obligations related to their crimes.

Former DeSantis rival, Andrew Gillum,  tweeted an article related to Amendment 4, and said, “I’m not calling DeSantis a racist, but his poll tax sure is.” He then declared, “We will fight this every step of the way.” See Below

Congressman Matt Gaetz fired back with a short, yet bold response that likely got under the skin of Gillum, who lost to DeSantis in the 2018 election.

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Gaetz simply replied, “You can just call him Governor.” His response was met with heavy reaction from followers. Video Below

Matt Gaetz Responds To Andrew Gillum

Despite taking heat for signing the new bill into law regarding Amendment 4, DeSantis voiced his consideration in a letter to allow the restoration of all rights to non-violent criminals, including the ability to hold public office.

DeSantis wrote,“I am considering whether to seek restoration of all civil rights to some of those whose rights were restored by Amendment 4…However, I would only consider restoring rights to those convicted of non-violent offenses.”

In ending, here is video of DeSantis discussing how he’s adjusting from former Congressman to Governor since his victory over Gillum.