Migrants Caught On Camera Getting Denied By Private-Funded Wall While Trying To Cross Border

Kolfage, Private Funded WallFox Video Screen Shot, Brian Kolfage Twitter

It’s been only a few days since the first section of a private funded wall began to be constructed along the border shared with Texas and Mexico, and it appears to be working great!

An organization called “We Build the Wall” began work this past weekend on a project to build a section of border wall near El Paso, Texas after America pitched in and donated. The Wall will be built on private land.

The area where they began work on their first project was chosen because there is a “ridiculously large gap” near Mount Cristo Rey that drug and human smugglers are taking advantage of.

Brian Kolfage, who is the founder of We Build The Wall, showed just how effective the privately-funded wall is, now that a portion it is already intact.

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He tweeted a picture of a group of migrants backpeddling after realizing there is now a barrier where they once were able to easily cross. See Below

Official Tweet From Brian Kolfage (Scroll Down For Zoomed-In Photo)


Zoomed-In Version

Brian Kolfage, privately funded wall

via Brian Kolfage Twitter

Wow! The Wall Is Working!

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We leave you with video of the wall being constructed.