Charlie Daniels Explains Why Schiff, Nadler & Others Are Attacking Barr Out Of ‘Fear’

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House Democrats, led by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, are trying everything to bludgeon President Trump and his Administration, no matter how desperate it may appear.

Despite two years of Robert Mueller’s thorough investigation, which found no wrongdoing by the President or his campaign, far left Democrats are not giving up on their attacks. They’ve even shifted to holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress, muddying him up and assassinating his character to make him look like his decisions are politically-motivated.

But now, as Attorney General Barr is pressing forward into investigating the origins of the probe into Trump’s 2016 campaign, legendary musician Charlie Daniels sees right through what Schiff, Nadler and their Democrat colleagues are up to in their latest actions.

Daniels took to Twitter to give a little piece of mind in response to Democrats’ behavior towards Attorney General Barr in recent days.

He said, “The most feared man in Washington today is Attorney General Barr. Nadler, Schiff et al are not looking for justice, if they were they would not be trying to destroy Barr and everybody else who pushes for this investigation into their side.”

He added, “Its fear, not justice that possesses them.” Video Below

Official Tweet By Charlie Daniels (Video Below)

Daniels’ statement came as Schiff is on a new mission to find evidence that President Trump’s family or lawyers obstructed the Russia probe, and coincided with Nadler’s latest spat with the White House for denying his latest document request related to Trump.

Rep. Eric Swalwell even openly exposed his goal to impeach Barr in order to eventually take down President Trump.

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We leave you with Sebastian Gorka explaining why he thinks Democrats are afraid of Barr.