Hillary Slams The IRS & Treasury For Not Releasing Trump’s Taxes, Instantly Gets Destroyed

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Hillary Clinton returned back into the spotlight in recent days, as she has ramped up attacks against President Trump and his Administration.

On Friday, Hillary compared the current status of the Mueller report to “a Twilight Zone,” and claimed Attorney General William Barr would rather protect President Trump than the rule of law.

Then on Monday, Hillary used Tax Day to attack the IRS and Department of Treasury for not releasing President Trump’s taxes, as demanded by House Democrats.

Hillary said, “Millions of Americans will put tax checks in the mail today. Meanwhile, the secretary of the treasury and head of the IRS continue to refuse to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress for reasons even they can’t clearly articulate.

She may have gotten ahead of herself in this particular attack, however, as Twitterverse responded to Clinton with a vengeance.

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There were mixed reactions to her remarks, but the highest engaged comments did not bode very well for Hillary. In fact, it actually reopened the can of worms that entails her missing 33,000 emails.

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Down below, we have compiled some of the best-received replies to Hillary’s statement.

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