Geraldo Points Out The Paradox That Was Grilled Out During Barr’s Senate Testimony

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It’s been a week of excitement on Capitol Hill, as Attorney General faced members from both the House and Senate for the first time since his summary of the Mueller Report was released.

Right before Barr appeared before Senators on Wednesday, news broke that Barr constructed a team to look into the FBI’s handling of the their investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

For a very long time, the President has been ridiculed by the left for suggesting that his campaign was illegally spied on by Obama Administration officials.

Barr, when questioned by a Senator on the matter, gave a similar opinion and suggested intel agencies did, in fact, spy on the Trump campaign.

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According to a statement by Geraldo Rivera, this particular moment was pivotal, as he believes a very interesting paradox was uncovered. See Below

Before Barr testified on Wednesday, Geraldo forewarned Americans, “Fasten seat belts for Russia Collusion Hoax blowback as  Attorney General begins probe of shaky FBI &DOJ misrepresentations used to obtain FISA warrants to investigate President Trump. Having found nothing, Russia investigation could be exposed as politically motivated, just as Trump claims.”

He then slammed liberal media for  pushing a “conspiracy theory” that was never supported by facts and bashed Democrats for still holding out hope there is “something hidden in the bowels of the Mueller Report.” He also predicted the Steele dossier will eventually be exposed by Barr as nothing but “fictional slander.”

After eeing what Barr said during his Senate testimony, Geraldo concluded, “When AG Barr confirmed ‘spying did occur’ on the Trump campaign, did you remember how President Trump was derided as paranoid & delusional when he made that claim? An alternate narrative for last 2 1/2 years is emerging. It will expose the ambitious extent of the attempted coup.” See Below

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