James Woods RIPS Democrats For Struggling To Condemn Anti-Semitism: ‘Soulless, Vile Hearts’

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It was a Thursday full of damage control for Democrats as they contemplated how to move forward following Rep. Ilhan Omar’s second round of anti-Semitic remarks since being elected to the U.S. House Of Representatives.

Earlier in the week, Omar suggested pro-Israel Americans pushed others to consider “allegiance with a foreign country.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received backlash from radical Democrats after sponsoring a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, in a response to Omar’s remarks.

While trying to convince her party to vote for the resolution, Fox News reported that Pelosi was “taken aback” by anger among rank-and-file Democrats. She even walked out at one point, according to the report.

As a result, the resolution had to be tweaked and broadened to where it did not only focus on anti-Semitism, but also condemning other forms of bigotry.

Although the final resolution passed with overwhelming support, James Woods slammed Democrats for having such a hard time soley condemning anti-Semitism. See Below

Woods posted an article by Fox News that reported a Democrat “revolt” against Pelosi as she tried to persuade her party to support the initial resolution.

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He said, “Oh my God, the literally can’t agree to condemn bigotry. Six million Jews were killed by Hitler, they are targets of Muslim terrorists constantly, and @theDemocrats can’t find it in their soulless, vile hearts to condemn anti-Semitism.” See Below

Official Tweet From James Woods

Doesn’t Get Anymore BOLD Than That!

We leave you with video of Sean Hannity discussing the current tension building within the Democrat party.