James Woods Reacts To Nadler’s Doc Request: ‘When Will The Pansy A–ed Repubs Fight Back?’

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On Sunday, House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler, announced that he is submitting over 60 document requests to the White House and Department of Justice.

This is all part of a new widespread investigation designed by the Democrats in hopes of turning up dirt on President Trump. And it all comes as Robert Mueller’s probe is expected to come to a close without finding any evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Nadler claimed in an interview, “It’s very clear that the President obstructed justice” and this latest round of document requests is concocted to help Democrats build a case proving “obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power” by the President.

This tactic by Nadler is the latest of several dirty tricks used by Democrats in an effort to persuade the public that President Trump needs impeached.

Conservative actor James Woods took note of what Democrats are up to and issued a plea to Republicans to finally stand up and fight back.

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Woods posted an article by Fox News that described Nadler’s latest ploy against Trump and captioned it appropriately.

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He said, “Since the word on the street is that the witch hunt has whiffed, the Democrats are concocting other harassment tactics. They’re doing a fine job of turning the country against them. When will the pansy-assed Republicans ever fight back as dirty as they do?”

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We leave you with Tom Fitton’s reaction to Democrats’ latest move: