With Only 2.5 Wks Until Another Potential Shutdown, Gaetz RIPS Absent Congress: ‘Put It On The Floor!’

Screen Captures, The Freedom Times Compilation

Congressman Matt Gaetz, like many Republicans, is anxious to hammer out a deal with Democrats before the clock winds down to another potential government shutdown.

After a standoff that lasted over a month, Democrats and Republicans recently passed a bill to open the government for up to three weeks while negotiations take place. The hope is that both sides will forge a deal before the three-week deadline hits.

In a speech delivered to Congress, Gaetz was appalled at how much negotiation time is being passed up by representatives with so much at stake.

Gaetz is seen on video saying, “It’s not even 5 o’clock. Two and a half weeks away from a potential government shutdown, and there’s functionally nobody here.”

He then specifically called out Nancy Pelosi.

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Gaetz demanded to Speaker Pelosi, “If you’ve got a border security package, put it on the floor!”

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He finished off with, “Congress got into work last night, and we’re leaving tomorrow! It’s like we’ve got the French work week around here!” Video Below

Gaetz RIPS Absent Congress (VIDEO)

In ending, here’s video of Gaetz discussing what he expects to happen if Democrats fail to come to the table: