Panic Sweeps Across The Left As They React To Whitaker’s Comments On The Mueller Probe

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On Monday, Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker made headlines and sent panic across the left by comments he made while addressing the press over indictments handed over to the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

Key leaders of the Democrat party were set into a frenzy, not by the indictments discussed by Whitaker, but by comments made by the Acting AG related to the Special Counsel’s investigation while taking questions.

Whitaker revealed that he has been “fully briefed” on Mueller’s probe and he suspects it’s “close to being completed.”

Although it was a simple, straightforward statement made by Whitaker, Democrats couldn’t help but to react out of panic due to the unknown of what his message could portray moving forward.

Senator Chris Coons was among the first Democrats to react to Whitaker’s comments. Not only did he provide a statement, but a photo of his reaction to Whitaker’s remarks began circulating on social media.

As per ZeroHedge, “Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware said Whitaker’s statement that decisions made in the investigation would be reviewed is ‘chilling,’ adding he doesn’t have confidence that Whitaker will respect the independence of Mueller’s probe.”

Coons is quoted as saying, “I hope to be pleasantly surprised that he is not attempting to interfere in any way with the Mueller investigation or slow or prevent release of his report, but one could draw those inferences.”

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A photo has since circulated social media showing a Coons with a priceless reaction on his face after hearing Whitaker saying Mueller’s investigation is nearing the end. See Below

Reaction By Chris Coons After Learning From Matt Whitaker That The Probe May Be Over Soon

Democrat congressman Ted Lieu showed signs of the jitters as he tossed in his two cents on the matter. Here is his response:

Of course, California Representative Adam Schiff couldn’t help chiming in on the matter. Here is his shrilling response:

Finally, it’s not a full Panic Party without a nervous reaction from Senator Mazie Hirono. Here is her response:

What will the Democrats do without a drawn-out Special Counsel investigation hovering over Trump’s Presidency?

In ending, we leave you with the infamous clip that is getting under the left’s skin: