Terrence Williams Offers up His Netflix & More To Pelosi After Her Flight Gets Yanked

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. The Freedom Times Compilation

Social media sensation and Trump supporter Terrence Williams dropped off another hilarious video on Twitter after President Trump pulled the plug on Speaker Peloi’s trip overseas.

Terrence has a direct message for Nancy since she won’t be leaving the country and has to stay and work. (Video Below)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plot to sabotage Trump’s State of the Union Address hilariously backfired when she was fact-checked by the Secret Service and the DHS.

Then, the Commander in Chief fired back at Pelosi and her colleagues when he canceled her foreign travel an hour before takeoff. He invited her to stay in DC and negotiate instead of letting 800,000 workers miss a second paycheck. That was a clear “checkmate” from the White House.

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Terrence Williams began his video laughing and displayed a picture of President’s Trump letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Video Below)

Terrence asked as he burst into laughter, “Hey Nancy! Since you’re not doing nothing today, do you want to use my netflix password? You ain’t go nowhere to go.”

“No, no, no. I’m being serious. No, but do you want to use some of my points with Southwest, with Delta, with American Airlines… you want to use some of my points, because you’re not flying on the government’s dime!” He said.

Then Terrence declared, “I love my President Trump! He’s a straight G. I like you Trump.” (Video Below)

Terrence asked Pelosi if she wanted to play games with the wall and proclaimed, “Guess what? Two can play at that game! You wanna play? Trump will play too.”

He concluded, “You thought you was petty, but Trump is King Petty! You done met your match!”

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Terrence wrote on Twitter with his video, “A letter from Trump to Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi you are not going to Afghanistan on the government’s dime You want to play with the Wall well @realDonaldTrump can play too!”