Rand Paul Comes Through With A Backup Plan To Ensure Trump’s SOTU Occurs As Scheduled

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. The Freedom Times Compilation

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plot to sabotage Trump’s State of the Union Address hilariously backfired when she was fact-checked by the Secret Service and the DHS.

Then, the Commander in Chief fired back at Pelosi and her colleagues when he canceled her foreign travel an hour before takeoff. He invited her to stay in DC and negotiate instead of letting 800,000 workers miss a second paycheck. That was a clear “checkmate” from the White House. (Video Below)

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) responded to both Nancy Pelosi trying to postpone the President’s State of the Union Address and the President postponing Speaker Pelosi’s trip.

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The Kentucky Senator suggested a backup plan to ensure President Trump’s State of the Union address happens.

He wrote on Twitter, “Senator McConnell is in charge of the Senate. If Mrs. Pelosi refuses to allow the president to deliver the State of the Union in the House, I propose we move it to the Senate and make it happen!” (Video Below)

Soon after President Trump pulled the plug on Pelosi’s trip, Sen. Rand Paul weighed in on Fox News with host Neil Cavuto supporting the Commander in Chief’s firm stance.

“It’s important that we try to open the government. The only way I see a way forward is for Speaker Pelosi and the President– and you can’t have a whole lot of compromise if she’s not in town to have conversations.” Sen. Rand Paul explained.

He pointed out that the last conversation between Speaker Pelosi and President Trump didn’t amount to anything. “The last conversation they had, she said she wasn’t going to compromise at all. She was offering zero.” (Video Below)

Sen. Rand Paul noted that the two have to come to the middle to make a deal, but explained however, that Speaker Pelosi is not willing to even negotiate.

Neil Cavuto chimed in, “She said the wall is immoral.”

“That’s crazy. She’s voted for walls many times. Democrats, last year in the Senate, voted for 25 billion for walls.” Rand said.

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Then, Rand doubled down on President Trump delivering his State of the Union address.

Cavuto asked, “Is it protocol for the Speaker to invite you to speak” Can they disinvite you?”

The Kentucky Senator replied, “I think he’s already been invited.” He added to the question of being disinvited, “That’s a good question, it’s never happened before.”

“What I’ve suggested is if they’re serious about it and they run the House and they won’t let the President come, the Senate should offer to have the State of the Union there.” He added, “That would be a fitting response to this. I think in the end they may back down.”

(Video Below)

Sen. Rand Paul’s official tweet and video below:


Rand Paul supports Trump postponing Pelosi’s trip and suggested using the Senate for the SOTU address; WATCH:


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