Bongino Sounds Off On The Irony Of Pelosi Dis-Inviting Trump To SOTU: ‘This Is Disgusting!’

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Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight, where he gave his take on the sudden odd move by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

On Wednesday, Pelosi issued a statement to President Trump, asking him to postpone the State of the Union Address on January 29, citing security concerns. She asked that he waits until after a deal is reached to open the government back up.

The Department of Homeland Security immediately fired back, stating that they are fully prepared to secure the State of the Union. This is in despite of Pelosi’s concerns that agents will not receive pay, thus potentially not allowing agents to carry out necessary security for a high-profile event.

Lou Dobbs called out the irony behind Pelosi’s concerns about security in Washington, but could care a less about security at the border.

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Bongino responded, “Don’t you find it a little bit ironic, my friend, that Nancy Pelosi wants to shut down the State of the Union for a lack of security with the dreaded air quotes? But she wants to do nothing at the border where there is no security at all?.” Video Below

Coming from someone who used to be a Secret Service Agent, Bongino said, “This is disgusting!”

In regards to Secret Service agents, he went on to say, “These aren’t mercenaries. They’re not sitting there waiting for their paycheck to get their job done. They put themselves in the line of fire every single day because they love this country and they’re patriots, not politicians.”

In ending, Bongino said, “Nancy Pelosi owes them a very heart-felt apology.” Video Below

Bongino Sounds Off On Nancy Pelosi Dis-Inviting Trump To The State of the Union