Scalise Puts His Foot Down, Blasts Dems’ Hypocrisy: ‘They’ve Voted To Leave, Talk Is cheap’

Image Source: Video Screen Shots. The Freedom Times Compilation

Minority Whip, Steve Scalise (R-LA) spoke on the House floor Friday slamming Democrats and their claim of the border being a “fabricated crisis.”

Further, he pushed back at Democrats complaining over the partial government shutdown, and then he called them out for voting to leave for the weekend. (Videos Below)

While speaking on the House floor, Steve Scalise wondered why Democrats are calling the border crisis “fabricated” when all the facts say otherwise. He explained it’s not fabricated when you see deaths from heroin, gangs, murders, and more coming in from the southern border.

Scalise also pointed out when Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, laid out facts in a meeting, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi “rejected her facts.” Pelosi interrupted Nielsen, who was citing statistics related to the border, including how many criminal illegal immigrants attempted to enter the U.S. last year. “I reject your facts,” Pelosi told Nielsen. “These aren’t my facts,” Nielsen shot back. “These are the facts.”

He also slammed Pelosi for her lack of interest on securing the border. “We could have everything open today, but the Speaker is the one being held hostage by the far left elements of your party, because she’s yet to agree to anything– not putting more than a dollar.” Scalise added, “She said on TV last week she’d support a dollar. That’s an insult!”

Next, he ripped Democrats who continued to adjourn every weekend instead of negotiating deals, getting the government back open, and  secure the border. (Videos Below)

Steve Scalise took to Twitter and wrote a series of messages along with posting videos speaking on the House floor.

He said, “Today I tried to get answers from the Democrat Majority Leader on how they can claim this is a fabricated crisis when 17,000 criminals were caught trying to cross the border last year & 90% of the heroin in the US that’s killing Americans at record rates comes across our border.”

Scalise continued, “But Democrats don’t want to hear the facts. They don’t want to hear about the criminals, drugs, and trafficking pouring over our southern border into our communities. Why? Because the reality undermines their open borders agenda.”  (Videos Below)

Further, he said, “We could have the government open today if Democrats were willing to even try to propose a serious offer that addresses wall funding. But instead, Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn’t offer more than $1 for the wall. That’s how unserious Democrats are about reopening the government.”

He concluded, “Democrats love to complain to the media about the government being closed, but for the 2 weeks they’ve had the majority, they’ve voted to leave for the weekend—over the objection of Republicans—instead of staying to work with us and @realDonaldTrump on a solution. Talk is cheap.”

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