Robert Davi Slaps Down MSM After The Latest Trump Hit Piece: ‘There Is No Russian Collusion!’

Image Source: Video Screen Shot & Pinterest. The Freedom Times Compilation

Actor Robert Davi has joined the ranks of the few celebrities who will not fall into the trap of the ever-plaguing liberal ideology that has swept through Hollywood.

Like actor James Woods and game show host Pat Sajak, Davi is sick and tired of seeing the media and fake news continue their smears and attacks on President Trump.

In a video posted on Twitter by Robert Davi, he explained how tiresome he is of hearing about the made up “Russian collusion.”

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“My dear fellow Americans, “Davi began. “If I read yet, another story by The New York Times, or another media outlet about Russian collusion and Mueller’s investigation, and all this other nonsense, I’m gonna go apoplectic.”

He continued, “It’s crazy. It’s insane. It’s a disservice to the American people, okay? It’s white noise! There is no Russian collusion!” He reiterated, “There is no Russian collusion!”

“China and Russia in 2008, they tapped the DNC and the RNC. They got into their websites, they did all of this collusion back then. No one talked about it like crazy.” Davi said.

“This is nonsense! The guy’s a businessman. Trump’s a businessman. He was on Oprah 20 years ago saying the same things now.” Davi explained.

He asked his audience if they remember Ross Perot’s phrase about the “giant sucking sound” and NAFTA. “NAFTA was a mistake!” He exclaimed. (Video Below)

“They don’t want Trump! These globalist bastards don’t want Trump do this for America. Stop the nonsense! Davi declared while pointing at the camera.

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