Pat Sajak Comes Out Of Nowhere And Drops The Mic On CNN: ‘Change Name To Current Narrative Network’

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Pat Sajak has become quite the conservative rock star in recent days.

The game show host of Wheel of Fortune is often seen on social media weighing in on the latest political issues. And what’s most shocking about him is his views are severely different from many other celebrities who often portray a more liberal mind-set.

In a recent post, Sajak took on the high level of bias and attacks coming from left-leaning news network CNN.

As always, CNN has been carrying out more attacks on President Trump and those who support him. They have even gone as far as attacking America’s brave military for showing open support for the President during his recent surprise visit to Iraq with First Lady Melania.

Whether or not it was these latest attacks on the military, something clearly set Sajak off, and he took to Twitter to bash the bias narrative seen out of CNN.

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Sometimes it only takes a few words to have a high level of impact on any given situation. And that is exactly what Mr. Sajak did with his latest unleashing on CNN.

In a simple yet bold tweet, Sajak said, “Easy fix for CNN: change name to Current Narrative Network. My work here is done.”

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Pat Sajak’s Official Tweet

Pat Sajak Strikes Again!

This latest slam by Sajak comes only weeks after he and fellow conservative celebrity, James Woods, manhandled the media for their poor treatment of First Lady Melania.

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And yes, without naming any names we are now confident that one of Sajak’s targets with his statement on Melania was, in fact, CNN.