After Melania’s Interview, James Woods Declares What MSM Will Never Admit About Her

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Melania Trump is an absolutely stunning First Lady. Not only is she classy and beautiful, but she’s also intelligent, fluent in at least 5 languages, and well-respected all around the world.

Many well-known faces from the left, however, constantly find whatever reasons they can to bash her and President Trump on a day to day basis. And this most often includes mainstream media and celebrities.

James Woods, who is one of the few conservative celebrities in America, has been known to drop many truth bombs regarding modern day politics, and he’s been on a roll.

More recently, he and Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajack have been openly verbal about their conservative perspectives. They have come to show great support for our First Lady as the Christmas season kicks off.

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Woods, however, pointed out how Melania is never featured on the cover of national fashion magazines. (Continued Below)

James Woods took to twitter after her interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, where he posted a picture of First Lady Melania in a shimmery coral dress with the President behind her. She looks simply beautiful.

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He wrote in a tweet, “This woman has never been on the cover of a national magazine.” Woods continues to praise the First Lady, because the media won’t. (Continued Below)

James Woods points out First Lady Melania’s beauty:

First Lady Melania visited the Children’s National Hospital on Thursday where she spent her time visiting with patients, spreading cheer to the kids and she read the story ‘Oliver The Ornament’ to the children.

She wrote on Twitter after her visit thanking the staff, and wished a Merry Christmas to all the patients. “#MerryChristmas to all the patients at @Childrenshealth! Thank you to all the nurses, doctors & medical staffers who work around the clock to take care of people this holiday season.” Melania said.

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James Woods took note of her big heart and pointed out how the First Lady is genuinely warm and so stunningly beautiful.

James Woods takes note of the First Lady’s visit at the Children’s Hospital:

Watch the First Lady at the National Children’s Hospital:

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