Tim Allen Opens Up On Why He Enjoys ‘Poking Fun’ At The Left

Fox "Last Man Standing" Screen Shot, Entertainment Weekly Screen Shot

Since returning back to the air in his hit show “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen has received a warm welcome, except from those on the left who are often at the butt-end of a lot of Allen’s humor.

Whatever he and his creators of the show are doing, it’s working as Fox has won Friday nights among adults between the ages of 18-49 for a whopping six consecutive weeks. In a recent interview, Allen shed some light on what could be behind the successful reboot of “Last Man Standing” and why he gets a kick out of “poking fun” at liberals.

When asked by IndieWire, “How important is it to remind people that this show is about family, not politics?,” Allen replied by claiming “relationships are politics.”

He explained, “The political discourse between a male and female energy is politics. And children, that’s all political stuff.”

But then Allen explained the angle of humor he uses in “Last Man Standing” more in-depth when he said, “I like to mess around because I’ve been a standup fiery comic for 30 years. And I like pissing people off, and I said there’s nothing, especially in this area, that pisses people off more than a very funny conservative. A smart, funny conservative that takes shots and is certainly self-effacing.

He added, “The left-wing point of view is so pervasive that they don’t even realize it’s a point of view. It is just a point of view. I think this character likes that, he likes to have another point of view. It makes him sharper and more interesting. But we don’t push it. I don’t think we’ve mentioned pro or con Trump once now.” Continued Below

And then when asked if his character’s point of view reflects his own point of view, Allen responded with, “Now, I’ll put something behind it, because I think it’s funny to make fun of people that are full of themselves. Liberals have a very small window of sense of humor about themselves, so I love poking at it.

He continued, “Two years ago, it was the conservatives, or whatever it is. But right now liberals, particularly progressives, hide behind large concepts. If you don’t agree with them, if you don’t agree with that position, then you hate women, and you hate gay people, and you hate pro-choice people, whatever. And I said that doesn’t fit.” Video Below

You can watch Tim Allen in “Last Man Standing” every Friday at 8 PM EST/ 7 Central. We leave you with a funny clip from “Last Man Standing.”